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How to Fix Flash Player Issues on Google Chrome

Google Chrome is well-known to provide easier and faster web browsing experience. However, you might face Flash Player problems at times, such as full tab, Flash add-on hangs, or it often crashes, when using the Google Chrome. Though, each new release of Google Chrome comes with to enhance the stability of the Adobe Flash Player add-on. You can contact the Google Chrome customer service number and get instant help to fix all issues in a hassle-free manner.

Chrome and Flash

Google Chrome comes by default with Adobe Flash player. Whenever you upgrade your browser, Flash automatic updates as well. It lets Chrome browser users see any animated or content made in the Flash programming language. Various websites use the Flash player to display media content. For instance, the biggest video sharing site YouTube is also streaming its videos with the Flash. It is, consequently, an essential part of the Chrome web browser.


As per the reports, Google Chrome has various issues associated with the Flash. However, there is no single particular issue or glitch with Chrome browser that causes the problems. On the other hand, a mixture of conflicting programs or specific websites encounter problems, which cause a complete crash of the browser window and make the flash plug-in unresponsive. In most cases, a Flash issue will create a tab to become blue with an ‘Aw Snap’ error message.


A Flash plugin crash is one of the most common problems. At such a time, a dialog box will appear with the message stating that ‘the following plug-in has crashed: Shockwave Flash.’ Though, you can fix the problem by restarting your web browser. However, it lists various causes of the crash, such as software conflicts, driver problems or little computer memory.

Unresponsive Flash Player

A slightly complicated problem with Flash Player crashes is while it becomes unresponsive. At such time, you will most probably get a pop-up message that says ‘the following plug-in is unresponsive: Shockwave Flash.’ However, you can’t put the blame on a single cause that often leads to unresponsive add-ons. It can be because of other extensions conflicting with the performance or a host of other reasons. In such a situation, restarting your Chrome web browser is the best way to fix this issue if it does not disappear automatically after a few minutes.

Other Considerations

When using the Google Chrome, make sure that you’re running its updated and compatible version of the operating system; otherwise, it might lead you to problems. If you’re using the Google Chrome Mac version and facing the similar kinds of issues, you can follow the same instructions to solve all functional glitches. For additional help regarding the Chrome browser, you can look for the technical support to sort out all matters associated with Chrome within the shortest time and in an efficient manner.



David Semos is a technical expert from California, who loves to share his research about the possible ways to upgrade the technical support industry with result oriented solutions.

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