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Tips to Improve the Facebook Games Speed in Google Chrome

When you play games on the Facebook, the speed in Google Chrome browser relies on the Internet connection quality and the other loads being placed on the computer’s memory and processor. Closing down unnecessary programs and tabs, as well as cleaning and boosting browser can enhance the games’ performance on the Facebook website. For additional help, you can instantly call on the Facebook phone number to learn techniques to make the games faster. You can also apply these troubleshooting methods to improve the speed of games running in Chrome.

Close Other Tabs and Applications

When opening tabs, it can take up computer resources and can leave games without enough processor power or memory to run efficiently. Shut down any tabs in Chrome that you are not using when you run the games. For doing so, open up the Task Manager window by choosing the ‘View background pages’ option from the browser menu. Now, you can check the network and CPU usage for each open tabs and background running processes connected to the Chrome. Choose the ‘End Process’ option to close the procedures. You can also follow the same process to shut down Windows programs and utilities you are not using now.

Save Bandwidth

As Facebook games depend on data browsed from the Web, and any other programs or computer running the Internet via the local network can affect the performance. Exit any tools that may be connected to the Internet like streaming services or download managers, and turn off any devices linked to the router that may be having the bandwidth connection. It could involve other computer systems, tablets, game consoles and cell phones.

Update Chrome and its Add-ons

Using the new version of Google Chrome and upgrading the add-ons functioning on top of it makes sure higher compatibility with Facebook and other sites. Upgrading is also helpful for the latest bug fixes and improving performance. Chrome should automatically upgrade itself, but if you face issues, you can download the new version from the website. Essential add-ons used by various Facebook games, such as Adobe Flash player, are involved in Chrome updates.

Clear Browsing Data

Often, the temporary web browsing data and cache kept by Chrome can reduce the browser speed and create performance issues. To delete the cache and other data, click the ‘Chrome’ tab and then choose the ‘Tools’ option, followed by the ‘Clear browsing data’ button. Select to clean cookies and cache, choose the ‘the beginning of time’ option from the drop-down menu and click the ‘Clear browsing data’ button to confirm the decision. Restart the Chrome browser to check for the improvement of performance.

Other Considerations

Sometimes, temporary problems with the Facebook itself can create issues and slow down the speed when you play games. If you often experience issues when playing games on Facebook in Chrome browser, instantly make a call on the Facebook helpline phone number and speak with the technical experts to get several problems settled down within the shortest time.



David Semos is a technical expert from California, who loves to share his research about the possible ways to upgrade the technical support industry with result oriented solutions.

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