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5 Easy Steps to Install an Epson Stylus Printer

When you purchase a new printer, one of the first things you need to do is install the necessary printer software and drivers. This part of software takes the data from your PC and converts it into the printable format. If you have purchased a new Epson Stylus printer, it should contain the driver on an installation CD. On the other hand, you can download the drivers from the Epson official site, if required. For any help or support of experts, the Epson technical support online chat is the best way to get the step-by-step guide for installing your Epson Stylus Printer successfully.

Learn How to Install your Epson Stylus Printer with Ease

The installation process is relatively straightforward; you just have to follow the step-wise instructions. Here’s how to install the Epson Stylus printer.

Step 1 – First of all, insert the printer driver CD into your PC and continue with the steps on the screen for installing the drivers. If you do not have any CD, then proceed to the step 2. If not, then go to the step 6.

Step 2 – Go to the Epson printer’s official site and click the ‘Drivers and Support’ link. Click the ‘Printers’ icon, followed by the ‘Inkjet’ link, and then choose the model that you want to use. If you’re unaware of the model of your printer, it can be found on the box, and even on the printer itself.

Step 3 – Choose and download the drivers that compatible with your operating system, such as Windows operating system. Continue with the steps on the screen to install the drivers.

Step 4 – Connect your printer USB cable into your printer and the other end of the printer interface of your computer. On many systems, it will be in the back of your printer and must be categorized.

Step 5 – Ensure that your Epson Inkjet printer is turned off and then connect it to the electrical wall outlet. Turn your printer on and try to print a self-test of pages to make sure that it is working properly.

However, if your PC does not recognize your Epson Inkjet printer, then ensure that you have installed your printer software and drivers correctly. Never try to connect your printer to the PC before you have installed the Epson driver. On the occasion of any glitches associated with your Epson printer, you can get prompt resolution simply by asking the help of experts. All you just need to dial the Epson technical support phone number to get immediate help to fix the printer-related issues.



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