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5 Common Webroot Antivirus Problems and Their Solutions

Antivirus software is vital security tool for every computing device so that you can freely use your PC without worrying about personal data security. Webroot is the most powerful antivirus software, which comes with innovative security features to protect your system from vulnerabilities. During installation, it takes a few seconds because it neither has any big sized malware-signature file nor does it need any lengthy update of such type. Alternatively, it stays connected to the Webroot server and accesses all the required information from here.

Common Webroot Antivirus Problems and Their Solutions

It’s also best known for fast scanning, parental control, quick detection and immediate quarantine. However, in most circumstances, it tends to fall for typical issues that require quick Webroot antivirus support services for the resolution. Here are the five most common difficulties, and how to fix:

  1. Problems in scanning the PC with Webroot: This is one of the most common problems experienced by its users. You can fix it by updating your software program, or changing the configurations or even reinstalling the Webroot on your system.
  2. Webroot stops to update automatically. If your antivirus software has stopped updating itself, then the problem may be caused by due to the corrupt installation file or little memory space, or you may not have an internet connection. So, try to expand the memory and provide a smooth internet connection to update it successfully.
  3. Webroot Spy Sweeper issues. If you’re using the earlier version of the Spy Sweeper feature, it may not be able to detect the viruses due to the outdated version. So, to get the problems rectified, you should try to update this feature with the latest release of it.
  4. Webroot is often crashing and freezes up. In most cases, the software also freezes up at times and ends up crashing itself unlawfully. Sometimes, it continues for a long time. Usually, this issue occurs due to the conflict between the antivirus program, and Windows OS and requires the technical assistance to fix the dispute.
  5. The toolbar isn’t functioning properly. Sometimes, you may not able to see the toolbar or it doesn’t work properly due to the corrupted add-ons or extensions. At such time, you can fix all issues related to extensions by disabling them.

If you’re facing any of the above-outlined issues or other technical problems, then get the most efficient solution by consulting at the Webroot customer service number. The experienced professionals will resolve all of your concerns, and the answer is revealed within a short span of time. Getting the support of the call is the best and easiest way to fix problems instantly related to the Webroot antivirus.

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Avail TurboTax Support to Clear All Hitches Handily

Undoubtedly, TurboTax is the world’s best tax calculating program, which plays a vital role in making taxable amount preparation and filing job much easier. By using this tool, you can manage your various personal chart-topping and tax related transactions accurately. Along with the good knowledge of the computer system functioning, even a non-specialist can use this tax preparation software. Being a pretty economical and very professional, this tool as of now helps many accountants to calculate their different payable amounts.

TurboTax Support

Although this various innovative features facilitated software is most popular all over the world, it’s difficult to avoid the circumstances while users find it tough to use it in a method they usually do due to an unexpected technical issue. If all your efforts to fix the encountered errors go ineffective, it’s time to ask help from a team of TurboTax Support experts who are ready and willing to help you eradicate all errors and provide comprehensive solutions.

Solve All Your TurboTax Related Errors with a TurboTax support phone number

You may face difficulties at times that seem continuous and all-consuming while using the software on a daily basis. Some common and minor issues can be resolved quickly by the users on their own; however, if the problem seems to be relatively complex and you’re unable to tackle the cause of the issue, then you should hire an expert who solves all your queries and troubles within a short span of time.

At such time, you can call at the TurboTax customer service number to get assistance for troubleshooting various disputes related to the software. All you just need to browse the desired online directory over the Internet to find a certified toll-free customer helpline number via which you can talk to the skilled experts.

Also, you can resolve out different TurboTax related errors and get comprehensive and quality solutions for different queries. Some of the commonly faced errors are:

  • Enrollment issues
  • Login and Sign up error
  • Unable to install and update
  • TurboTax subscription problems
  • Password reset/recovery issue
  • Many other technical hitches

In order to acquire the direct TurboTax support number, reaching out the online directory is always a good idea since they aim at offering the certified phone number and the valuable solutions to the users at the fastest possible time. Apart from providing a complete range of phone numbers, is involved in offering the contact details and useful guidance to make the most out of this tax preparation tool efficiently. The assistance is provided by the most professionals and very skilled customer service representatives.


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How to Stop Popups from Reminding You to Renew Your Panda Security

Just like the other antivirus software, Panda Security also nags you with pop-ups to renew to their product license, which can be really frustrating to users to disable them instantly.  If you have a Panda program which is either about to expire installed on your PC or being expired, then you may get pop-ups reminding you to renew your license. At such time, you first try to find the possible causes that can be tackled with the help of Panda Security customer service team.

Stop Popups from Reminding You to Renew Your Panda Security


If you’re using an outdated security solution for your PC, you may be unprotected against the thousands of the latest viruses and online threats that display each day. Security is the most important component for every computer user. That’s why, while your subscription is close to expiring, the pop-up warnings will let you take proper action and renew it.


If you’re often getting pop-up notifications related to renewing, then you should renew your subscription as quick as possible and assure you have updated protection always.  To do so click the ‘Renew License’ option in the pop-up warning window, or access the ‘Renewal Area’ of the Panda Security software.

If your product subscription has expired and you don’t want to renew it, and you still want to use the same service for PC protection, then you can simply stop the popups from being displayed by turning off the ‘Upgrade to the new Panda Antivirus’ warnings. Here’s how.

  1. At first, open the Panda Security program via its tray icon.
  2. Click on the Hamburger icon, and then Settings, followed by the General.
  3. Move down to the list and navigate to the ‘Panda news’ button, and then change it to ‘off’ from ‘on’.

Now, you will be able to disable the annoying popups without having uninstalled your Panda program. Remember that, when you have removed the security product from your system, it won’t be secure from threats and viruses, so try to upgrade it to the latest version. However, if you find any kinds of problems while disabling renewal popups or other technical issues, then you can call at the Panda customer support number and get the proper support of the skilled professionals to get rid of several Panda issues in an effective manner.

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How to make sure that Gateway Computer runs faster?

Gateway is a well appreciated brand of computers, with its products trusted for their efficiency and performance. Despite that, you may come across the issue of your Gateway computer slowing down after a period of time, with the files becoming corrupted, malware infecting the system resources and components starting to wear down. At the same time, it is possible to improve the running speed of the computer by taking some simple steps to recondition it and making it like new once again. The other way to do is to get in touch with gateway computers customer service and get professional advice for the same.

make sure that Gateway Computer runs faster

Here are some steps to be taken for making sure that the gateway computers run faster and more efficiently:

  • Start by turning off and unplugging your computer. Open the case by accessing the release button which lies on the side panel in most of the models. Press this button and pull away the panel from the chassis to open up its side. There are some models which have screws that have to be opened with the help of a screwdriver. Once unscrewed, you will have to lift the panel to open it up.
  • The dust accumulated on the internal components of the computer can be cleared away by spraying them with compressed air. Dust is primarily responsible for compromising the speed and performance of the system as it blocks it and heats it up. All the dust has to be removed from the CPU and vents in the computer case. After removing all the built up dust, get the panel reattached and plug in the system once again.
  • Now start the computer. Right click on ‘My Computer’ for disabling the System Restore temporarily. Then click the dialog box ‘System Properties’ followed by clicking the ‘System Restore’ tab. Now check the check box which says ‘Turn off System Restore’ and then click ‘Yes’ for confirming that it has to be turned off.
  • The next step for speeding up your Gateway computer is to ensure that all malware is removed which is to be done by running antivirus software on it. Malware corrupts the resources of the computer and causes it to slow down.
  • Follow the removal of malware by clearing up all other kinds of infection by using tools such as adware removal software and spyware removal software.
  • Turn on the System Restore once you have completed all the virus and malware scans on the computer.
  • Now click ‘Start’ and then ‘All Programs’, followed by clicking ‘Accessories’ and ‘System Tools’. For improving the speed and efficiency of hard drive, run the Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter tools.

Tips and Warnings

  • Always run the antivirus in safe mode.
  • Never clean the dust inside the computer with a vacuum cleaner as it may damage the delicate components.
  • Make sure that all the definition and signature files are updated in antivirus, adware and spyware removal software.

In case you are unable to resolve the speed issues with your gateway computers using these steps, avail expert technical guidance by calling Gateway customer service number. The number connects you to expert professionals who will resolve your query in matter of minutes and get your computer back to its normal working speed instant.

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How Beneficial is the Microsoft Office Online Server November Release

Microsoft Office Online Server November

Recently, Microsoft unveiled Office Online Server, which lets organizations’ users work with browser-based versions of MS Office suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote), along with other capabilities provided in the program. You will get the new and advanced features with its every significant update. Now, the company has revealed its first update to OOS (Office Online Server) that contains:

  • Improve the co-authoring performance in Word Online.
  • Support for inserting Power View sheets in MS Excel Online.
  • Work with tables in Word and PowerPoint and support drag-and-drop as well.
  • In the PowerPoint editor, show the spelling errors inline.
  • Resize pictures easily in Word Online.
  • Quickly use copy and paste option in PowerPoint Online.
  • Improved for shapes in Excel Online viewer.
  • Best for users that depend on assistive technologies
  • Support for W3C accessibility standards.

If you want to download the November update of the Office Online Server, then you can go to the Volume License Service Center. But you need to uninstall its previous version before installing the November release. The latest version of OOS is available to download, with security patches and bug fixes, via the Microsoft Updates. To get the detailed info, you can either call at the Microsoft customer support number or visit the Microsoft’s official website.

Users with a Volume Licensing account can download OOS from its Service Center free of charge and will have view-only functionality that contains PowerPoint sharing in Skype for Business version. If you want to create, edit and save documents in Office Online Server, then you should have an on-premises Microsoft Office Suite license along with Office 365 ProPlus subscription or Software Assurance.

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Common Issues Resolved By Lexmark Customer Service

Recognized as one of the most reliable brands Lexmark ensures its users with multi-tasking and durable printers. Also, its printers are easy to handle and require less maintenance. However, in spite of the fact that Lexmark Printers offers so many benefits over any other brands of printers, especially in terms of its affordability, it is also not free from hassles and glitches. Though these issues are minor, it requires quick assistance from the professionals, who are available at Lexmark customer service number.

Lexmark Customer Service

Lexmark Customer Service Team has promised the users to resolve their issues and queries related to the Lexmark Printer anytime. So far, it has resolved innumerable queries, some of the most common ones are listed here; take a look.

  1. The Printer doesn’t print – The issue where the printer all of a sudden quits printing is very regular, and the essential cause behind it is the improper connection building. There may be two or three different components included like paper sticking and cartridge issue however in the event that you face such issues, ensure that you have reset the printer, trailed by checking the wire association.
  2. Paper jam – Another huge reason behind why clients confront issue while utilizing Epson Printer is paper jamming. The issue happens due to the inappropriate positioning of papers and messy paper plate. In this way, to investigate the problem, sufficiently clean the spout and the plate, trailed by putting the paper effectively.
  3. The printer is too slow – Though the speed of the printer is specifically identified with the model of the printer as a few printers are naturally moderate while others are very quick. In any case, you see that your printer has abruptly begun to work slowly when compared with its standard outputrate; there are chances that you haven’t kept the nozzle free from dust and bits of papers. Likewise, for the quick result, you should begin imprinting in the draft mode.

Now, if you have any other queries that are related to it, the only way to get authentic solution is by consulting the professionals at Lexmark printer support phone number. You have the option to avail this number from the website of It is an online directory that gives reliable numbers for customer service that are located in New York, California and other parts of USA and Canada.

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10 Handy Steps to Troubleshoot an Epson Inkjet Printer

Epson Inkjet Printer

Despite being the leading printer machine, there are a vast number of issues with Epson inkjet printers faced by users either related to the communication or the print quality. If you’re getting troubles while using the Epson printer, you should follow the steps to discover the problem and troubleshoot your inkjet printer.  Usually, you can contact Epson customer service to know the quite easy to repair and troubleshooting process. But before going to the further solution, here’re a few steps you must try.

  1. Verify the Obvious

Is your printer on? Is it connected to? Are the Ethernet cables connected to all properly? Check that you have the Inkjet printer attached to a power outlet and that the LED light passes on while you switch the power button on.

  1. Check the Printer Status

Is the LCD screen pretty clear? A connected printer always states ‘Connected’ ‘Ready’ or ‘Online.’ Some printers will generally have a solid green light while working well. If any error message may encounter, then check the manual instructions to fix.

  1. Take a Test Print

Some Epson Inkjet printers have a self-test functionality. Check your manual to know how to do so. Usually, it’s just a step of depressing one button when pushing power.

  1. Check the Ink Level

Some new models will notify you if the ink is low or empty. Still, you should run a color test to check it twice. With this test, either you can identify the faulty cartridge or clean or replace it.

  1. Clean the Printhead

By using the Epson printer’s self-cleaning feature commonly located in the ‘Properties’ section of the printer or the ‘Utilities’ section of drivers, you can clean your printer. To do that, click the ‘Clean Print Heads.’ Or use a dry and dust-free cloth and gently clean out all accessible parts.

  1. Check the Paper Tray Of Your Printer

Is it unfilled or is a sheet jammed? Check the paper tray and make sure it’s aligned correctly for loading.

  1. Remove Paper Jams

Do this operation carefully. Check the manual for instructions and always power off your printer and disconnect it first. Be gentle and use tweezers, don’t do that forcefully. Clean out even the smallest bits of paper you discover.

  1. Check the Print Queue Is Backed Up

Click the ‘Control Panel,’ and ‘Printers,’ and then right-click the Epson printer’s icon on the system. Choose the ‘Purge Print Documents’ option, and then try to print again.

  1. Check the Drivers Are Installed Properly

If not, then try to re-install them via the disk or upgrading the drivers downloading from Epson’s official website.

  1. If All Else Fails, Avail Epson Support

If you’re still not being able to fix the printer errors, even if you have tried a lot to fix, then call at the Epson customer support number and avail solution by addressing your queries to the skilled technicians.